Nation Building

Nation Building

Leadership for Nation Building


Under this campaign, Bhavyata Foundation introduced leadership sessions for nation-building with historical narratives, social entrepreneurship and empowering community solutions to promote nation-building initiatives. The goal is to teach a sense of Indian identity based on its unique & pristine tenets of timeless civilization. The primary objective is to involve university students, professionals and like-minded enthusiasts to partner with local self-help groups to engineer solutions to problems of sanitation, education and rural sustainability. The Foundation rediscovered lost Indian sciences in fields of arithmetic, chemistry, physical sciences, astronomy, medicine, architecture and mineralogy while encouraging research & study to project the antiquity of Indian civilization. We organize a series of talks on the heritage of India for moulding a national narrative based on its indigenous culture and society for accentuating its prosperity and global positioning. Some of the sessions we organized were: Decolonization of Indian History, The Invincible Brahmaputra, Bharat Gathaa series, Operation Red Lotus: Indian war for Independence, Kargil Vijay Diwas and Losing my Mother Tongue.


Mass awareness sessions for people across the world.


The program and the sessions on Indian history were successful in creating awareness amongst the citizens of India to protect their national heritage.

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