Plant A Caretaker

Plant A Caretaker

Partnering Communities with Ecology

Ecology becomes empowering when preservation of nature coupled with the prosperity of communities. Here, in this campaign, we facilitate the procurement of commercially viable plantations for organizations, who shall also play the role of caretakers of nature.

1. Identifying Stakeholders- The primary stimuli is to identify Stakeholders in terms of understanding the local situation. This will ensure that stakeholders are educated about the benefits of the trees and then are trained accordingly to map and assess their trees.

2. Identifying Locations- The plantations follow the science of identifying the tree species in their respective agro-climatic zones. The caretakers, who shall benefit from the commercial viability of the product from fully grown trees, are motivated in the mutual interest of nature and the economy.

3. Procurement of Local Resources- Local Nurseries are identified for the tree plantation initiative.

4. Involvement of Volunteers and Coordination of Local people along with Local nurseries- Bhavyata Foundation involves Volunteers who are willing to devote their time in helping with the campaign.

5. Monitoring for proper survival- Along with plantation, it is significant to ensure that a tree survives the first growing season. With the help of volunteers, we take adequate care assistance for new trees.

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