Preschool Education

Preschool Education

Early Childhood Care & Education

The Foundation of life begins with an early and robust education in preschools.

BMC Balwadis (Preschools) run by Bhavyata Foundation with the convergence of nutrition, curiosity-driven learning and experiential tools for toddlers from age 3-6 years.

Bhavyata Foundation, with its expert team of educators and panel of experts in child education, is dedicated to nurturing healthy and empowering childhood to the neediest and unprivileged children in urban Mumbai.

At Bhavyata Foundation, we plan to tackle this concern at three levels:

    1. 1. Experiential Education with an emphasis on learning by interaction with teaching aids.
    2. 2. Pedagogy is student-centric, inspiring curiosity and responsibility to learn.
    3. 3. Quality Teacher training Models to create Efficient Teaching Models.

Our intervention in the education of preschool children in underprivileged sections of society covers the following subjects and topics for communication for all-round development of the children. Effective teaching through language and literacy, speech and information, print activity, picture and object visualization, social skills, non-conflicting communication, respecting children emotions, arts and crafts, acting and role play, dance and music, family and society support and creative skills help to tackle the concerns productively.

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