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Water-The Flowing Energy Of Life

In the session of the Wisdom series, we take a look at the water and its radical properties and usages. In Ayurveda, water is one of the key elements, and thus the way one uses it must be regulated and methodically done. We take a look at water and its types and how each type affects us. We then move on to the kind of water one must drink, the importance of hot water and other vital points to remember.

Chaksu- The Ayurveda For Eyes

In this session of Wisdom series I, we will have a look at chaksu or eyes. We will discuss the practices one must include in their daily routine to keep their eyes healthy for long. Along with it, we will learn the right way of making kajal, which is not good for the eyes and glance at a few important eye remedies.

Madhumeh And The Ayurveda

Diabetes – without any questions raised – is one of the most widely spread diseases. The major cause of diabetes is nothing but your lifestyle. In this session, we will look at what Ayurveda has to say about diabetes, the habits that lead to one in this state, and the symptoms. We will also learn what to eat and what not if you have diabetes.



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