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Balika Shiksha – Girl Education Curriculum

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Language: Hindi

Education has prominently preserved girls’ education among its major subjects to implement its unique education system. The current course is a course for implementing the primary goal of girls’ education. Still, there is no room for all of the qualitative features of womanhood. Based on many forms of study work and the proposals of many educators, this course has been completely prepared for the development of the nature-born traits of the girl child.

Along with the existing subject curriculum, developing and reinforcing the girl child’s innate traits is vital. Whether they become doctors, engineers, administrative officers, pilots, or whatever, they must also understand the fundamentals of family management to prove their worth as competent housewives and influential mothers.

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Education is the process of building life. Today, things like holistic development of personality, an awakening of values, appreciation of importance ​​and responsibility towards family and society are not considered as a part of education. Probably everyone’s attention is limited to the last stage of modern education, that is, to provide and provide an education suitable for a career.

Today, the girl child studying in schools will also be the mother who builds the future generation of this country. In the present education system, due to the same education and curriculum for all, girls do not naturally acquire feminine qualities from the psychological and emotional point of view due to the same subject of their studies. Vidya Bharati, All India Institute of Education, has kept girls’ education prominently among its central subjects to implement its specific education system. The present course is a course for implementing the primary objective of girls’ education. Still, there is no place for all womanhood characteristics are qualitative. This course has been entirely prepared for the development of the nature-born attributes of the girl child, based on various types of research work and suggestions of many educationists.

Along with the curriculum of the current subjects, it is necessary to develop and reinforce the inherent characteristics of the girl child. Whether they become a doctor, engineers, administrative officers, pilots or whatever, they should also know the essential elements for running the family to prove their worth as good housewives and successful mothers in their life.

This curriculum is a way to easily teach dietetics, health science, home science and fine arts to the girl child so that when the girl enters the householder life, she is endowed with all these requisite qualities and also her next generation as a best citizen for this country. be able to develop in Motherhood like Jijamata, Charity like Goddess Ahilya, leadership and bravery like Rani Lakshmibai and Durgavati, and devotion to Bharat like Nivedita, all these qualities combine to make the girls of India, this is what the girl child education curriculum is intended for. Ahead in every area of ​​life! One step further!!

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