Bamboo Lamp

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Diwali is a festival that illuminates both the Earth and the Sky and spreads joy across the world. It is a festival during which India transforms into a land of light and spread the age-old message that light and eventually wins.

And, as more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient goods become more popular, our Bamboo lamp is also eco-friendly and less resource-intensive, handcrafted with love by our bamboo artists from rural India.


The Festival of Lights, Deepavali is charmed, great and splendid, and can enlighten our spirit and hearts while promoting peace, harmony and fraternity. It is a festival that unites all religions, homes and hearts. The Deepavali festival also has a profound spiritual significance; it essentially means the Inner Light awareness. Likewise, happiness light, the prosperity light, and the light to dispel sorrow and poverty must also be illuminated. This is the message we want to communicate through our 100% handmade Bamboo Lamp.


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