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Rise And Shine In The Brahma Muhurta

One of the core reasons for a range of health and mental problems is the lifestyle we have opted for. A life of uneven sleeping patterns, chemical fluids, consumption of unnatural food, and so has only piled up health issues. Ayurvedic Dincharya is the key to almost all the problems and bodily ailments that one faces. We will start our ten days of Dincharya Audio Series journey with knowing –

1) What is the Brahma Muhurta?
2) Why Ayurveda suggest waking up during this time?
3)What is the first thing one should do right after getting up?
4) How to keep your mouth fit the ayurvedic way?
4) What happens if one doesn’t follow the Ayurvedic Dincharya?

The Ayurvedic Dynamics of Bathing

Dharmashastra, Rigveda and Ayurveda consist of hymns talking about the importance of taking a bath regularly and how it is connected to one’s well being and dynamic self. On Ayurvedic Dincharya Day 2, we will also look at some interesting questions related to bathing. Along with it, we will be looking at the Ayurvedic way of doing the same and know about several benefits of bathing.

Clothing And The Ayurveda

In this session, we will discuss the kind of clothes that one needs to wear based on the seasons. We will also look at other factors such as the importance of tilak, the kind of slippers Ayurveda prohibits and such. Towards the end, the session will discuss how ayurvedic clothes can impact your mood and feelings.

The Diet And Balancing Of Doshas

In this session, we will have a look at the Ayurvedic diet and how we can regulate the doshas of our body by maintaining one. In brief, we will talk about different doshas, and the kind of food one must eat/ avoid to set these doshas in harmony. Finally, we will look at the ayurvedic timing of having different meals.

Ritucharya: Seaosnal Regimen

In this session, we will have a detailed look at the seasonal regimens that one should follow to maintain the body’s three doshas, leading to physical health and mentally stable life. We take a look at seasonal diet routines and Ayurvedic lifestyle options.

After Eating And Achar Rasayana (Code Of Conduct)

In the preceding paragraphs, you will get to know what you must take care of while having your meal, along with knowing what you must necessarily do after you had your dinner. We will also briefly look at Achar Rasayana, a glance at its history and why one must obey the rules for leading a happy, healthy and peaceful life.

Becoming Conscious Of Dharniya And Adharniya Vegas

In the following, we will be looking at various urges of the body in Ayurveda and what happens when we act upon it and do not act upon it. Along with this, we will also have a short introduction to Vegadharna and what does it mean.

The Ayurvedic Benefits Of Fruits And Vegetables

In this session, we will look at different kinds of vegetables and fruit and how one should consume them, as stated by Ayurveda. We will also look at various health benefits and finally look at the right time to eat various fruits and vegetables.

The Hidden Ayurveda In Your Kitchen

Ayurveda says that there are hidden remedies in your kitchen only if you try to discover them. In the following session, we will look at different types of flowers, dry fruits and spices. We will talk about their health benefits, how they affect our body, and how can we use them as a remedy.

Ratricharya – The Dynamic Night Regimen

Finally, we have come to the last leg of our Dincharya. In this session, we will have a look at the night regimen or Ratricharya. We will talk about the three pillars of Ratricharya, what one should avoid doing at Sandhya, what is the Ayurvedic dinner routine, moon bathing, and so.


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