Embroidered Envelope Sling Bag

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Unique patterns are woven on a vibrant yellow chrome backdrop with horizontal stripes complimenting the central circle and the triangular geometry on the envelope sling bag designed by the famous Lambani tribe women.

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Lambani or, the banjara tribe, among all the nomadic tribes of India, has the reputation of inheriting the most vibrant and elaborate wardrobe g the legend continues.

We are bridging the gap between Indian vibrant, legendary styles & Us!


Design & Craft

Giving a testimony of the exquisite artwork of the local artisans of Lambani it varies marginally in shape, size, colour and patterns which makes it more personal and special to you!

Natural colour dying, mirror work and handmade embroidery are prone to colour bleeding, should be hand-washed, separately.


Know the Artists!

Lambanis, elsewhere known as “Banjaras”, who originally came from Marwar are semi-nomadic people who reside mostly in Southern and Middle India. As with many tribal groups, especially those with a nomadic heritage, there is a modern tendency to either isolate or assimilate. The Banjara women, however, are holding steadfast to their ancient mode of dress, which is perhaps the most colourful and elaborate of any tribal group in India.

Lambanis were traders in various merchandise, including salt, which were transported over long distances on the backs of bullocks. In fact, the word Lambani or Lamani is derived from the Sanskrit word lavana (salt). At one time, the Lambanis were the principal suppliers of food grains and other essentials to the Moghul armies.



Maintenance & Care

100% Khadi / 100% cotton

Gently wash with mild detergents.

Hand wash cold.

Wash dark colors separately.

Handcrafted products and natural dye are prone to color bleeding, handle with care.

Dimensions 6 × 6 in



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