Khaki Brown Handloom Jacket KBHJ-01
Khaki Brown Handloom Jacket KBHJ-01

Khaki Brown Handloom Jacket

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  • Khaki Brown Handloom Jacket is a chic, voguish, and dapper all-season fit outfit.
  • The soothing denim blue color of this jacket is obtained from mixing indigo with alum.
  • The jackets have 3 patch pockets and a band collar. In addition, the buttons are of coconut shells and these are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.
  • A perfect product for festivals, wedding parties, New Year, gifting, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and much more.
  • By buying Handloom Jackets you are taking a step towards sustainable living.


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A Backdrop In A Snippet

The presence of handlooms as an integral part of the Indian culture can be found since Indus Valley Civilization. Back in those days, all the villagers had their own weavers who would prepare all the clothes and fabrics. All of these were hand-spun and woven. Traditionally, the entire process of cloth making was self-reliant. The cotton/silk/wool came from the farmers or the shepherds. This was then cleaned and transformed by the weavers themselves. In addition, small handy instruments were also used including the famous spinning wheel.

The Making Process

Handwoven clothes and fabrics are always in vogue for every age group. The Handloom Jackets by Bhavyata Foundation are chic, dapper, organic Indian ethnic wear that is fit for all occasions. Fit for all seasons and occasions, they are available in a wide range of colors for you to pick from. The fabric used is plain, coarse, and easy to keep clean. In addition, the colors used for dyeing are organic and non-toxic to both environment and humans. The manufacturing steps involve – Scouring, Hot Dyeing, Cold Vat Dyeing, and then Drying. during scouring impurities of the fabric are removed by boiling it. This is followed by dipping the fabric in an acidic solution which aids in color correction. This is known as Hot Dyeing. And lastly, before dyeing and drying, the fabric is left in a pot for fermenting in a process called Cold Vat Dyeing.

Then the fabric goes under the threefold steps of looming. The entire process takes place under the keen eyes of expert women. They make sure that the end product has a sleek finish and gives off a traditional scent. Handloom jackets are not only cozy, comfortable, and an all-season outfit, but they are also the best product for gifting. By buying these Jackets you are taking a vital step towards sustainable living. And you are also helping underprivileged artisan women who are looking for a source of livelihood.

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