Kansa Dinner Set

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Inclusions:- 1 plate, 2 bowls, 1 glass (pital) and 1 spoon

Catch sight of your dinner table morphing into a true Indian cuisine, with its exquisite looks and ayurvedic values. Bring home the perfect partners for your paneer, dal, rice, halwas and our Indian food galore!

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Kansa plate, bowls and spoon helps improve immunity and can help fight diseases like Covid-19. Helps beat anaemia by regulating blood pressure. It helps balance all the three doshas. 

Kansa has no doubt many benefits, but Brass also has benefits. Brassware, also popularly known as Pital utensils, comprises of 70% copper and 30% zinc. The zinc content present in these best brass utensils helps in building immunity.  Water stored in this brass glass has several health benefits too. With the pollution level hiking, these steps can be adopted as precautionary measures. Brass has specific antioxidant properties that help in maintaining hemoglobin synthesis, strengthen bones, and build up the immunity. Purity and royalty added to keep you perfectly hydrated.

Ancient traditions kept alive through generations and passed on to you!

 Bridging the gap between Indian timeless magic & Us!


Design & Craft

Authentic Kansa utensils are handmade and each piece is unique! Giving a testimony of the exquisite artwork of the local artisans of Orissa it varies marginally in shape, size and color which makes it more personal and special to you.


Know the Artists!

These great artisans reside in Orissa and possess a rich tradition dating back to the days when Puri Jagannath temple was enshrined.

Kansa is an Indian name for bell metal or bronze. The process of making starts with melting 85% copper and 15% tin as a mixture. Copper and tin are heated at 400-700 degree celsius. The ingots are then repeatedly heated and beaten by a group of artisans and posed into the specific shapes.

The finer finishing are done using small hammers and then a certain coating of clay is applied to ultimately solidify the metal.

This cluster of artisans start their day at 3am in the morning and persevere until 12pm, noon and after that it becomes unbearable to work in that temperature. They work in high temperatures, it takes years of practice and generations of families are involved to perfect the craft.

Designs are exquisite, unique and these kansa ware are a boon to us all!



Maintenance & Care

Kansa/ bronze soup bowl is for serving purpose only.

Do not place it in an oven or, on a stove.

Gently wash with mild detergents and wipe it dry.

Do not use steel scrubber.

Use soft scrub. Lather surface with lime or tamarind to retain/ revive its shine.

Pure Kansa utensils are finely hand-crafted and these authentic kitchenware needs to be handled with care.

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