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Shishuvatika (Tattva & Vyavahar) – Concepts in Indian Education

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Language: Hindi

Shishuvatika book is Indian child education based on the life and culture of India. Infant education is the foundation of life development. The basis of the principles of Indian psychology should be considered for infant learning. The idea of infant education is addressed in the context of overall development. Child development is the overall development of personality, i.e. physical, pranic, mental, intellectual and spiritual development. The second dimension of this development is classical development, i.e. family, social, national, global and philanthropic development.


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Indian education in the modern day is utterly disconnected from its roots. Western philosophy is successful solely on the minds of the instructors and educationalists who are developed as a result of this education. All of these facets of education have been emphasised in the author’s work from an Indian perspective. This book has been written from the Indian perspective of Shishu Vatika, i.e. pre-primary education, by incorporating all of the many components derived from panch kosh concepts in Taittirya Upanishad . The book’s first six chapters serve as a foundation for instruction at all levels. The remaining chapters focus exclusively on child education. The author has emphasised to the readers the crucial point that the process of education and culture formation begins with conception. In Indian tradition, the sixteen sanskaras of an individual are regarded as paramount. On the basis of Indian philosophy of life, an attempt has been made to create a practical that is based on Indian psychological notions and is suited to the Indian environment, tradition, and mindset. However, there is an even greater need for houses and families to be made sacred, as the home is the optimal location for this.

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