Livestock plays an important role in Indian economy. About 20.5 million people depend upon livestock for their livelihood. Livestock contributed 16% to the income of small farm households as against an average of 14% for all rural households. Today, no one knows the names of India’s fast-vanishing indigenous cattle breeds anymore and hardly anyone cares. Traditional cowshed management practices are dead and forgotten. India faces an acute fodder shortage that has left drought-hit farmers and livestock vulnerable. These indigenous cow breeds can act as a silver bullet in tackling the impending crisis.

Bhavyata Foundation has initiated a rural project for creating a sustainable environment for the preservation of the Dangi breeds in the neighbouring villages of Murbad Taluka of Thane district, along with rural architecture of water, fodder availability and storage facilities for perishable commodity like milk. Currently, we created a support system by way for rural – urban linkages to supply the daily milk of these indigenous breeds of cows from villages to city of Mumbai. Total Dangi cattle population in this belt numbers upto 3500, which are already sheltered amongst individual residents of villages in their own homes as one of their family members. In the current situation majority of the farmers are not capable to economically sustain their cattle, thus recognising the need for proper conservation and care.

Bhavyata Foundation supports the farmers amd locals by support for market linkages, while strengthening rural infrastructure and conserving natural resources to generate sustained livelihoods by agriculture and dairy farming.

Donate Schemes

Towards sustainability and rural livelihoods
Support Infrastructure of Cowshed with Fodder Storage for 100 cows at Vakalwadi, Murbad
Vakalwadi village houses around 320 residents and 220 livestock, mostly bovines comprising of dairy based livelihoods. Infrastructure for housing 100 bovines shall significantly improve the care conditions for improved dairy output.
Support Infrastructure:
Foundation Preparation, Shed structure, Fodder storage and Feeders with water storage tanks are required to be constructed in the village to house 100 bovines. A shed of 75 ft X 35 ft is being constructed.

Fabrication cost


Foundation for Structure

Rs. 1,25,000

Flooring, Feeders and Water tank for Bovines

Rs. 80,000

Pump for drawing water for Bovine Shelter

Rs. 20,000

Preservation of Breed and Improve Dairy Productivity
With more than 220 bovines contributing to rural livelihoods of the village, timely nutritional supplements and breed improvement can effectively raise the bar for dairy output.

Support Green Fodder for 1 month(1 bovine) -

Rs. 1,500

Support Green Fodder for 6 months (1 bovine) -

Rs. 9,000

Support Green Fodder for 6 months (100 bovine) -

Rs. 9,00,000

Breeding Bull and its Upkeep for 1 year -

Rs. 1,20,000

Support Nutritional Feed for 1 Bovine Monthly -

Rs. 4,500

Support Nutritional Feed for 100 Bovines Monthly -

Rs. 4,50,000

Support Nutritional Feed for 1 Bovine Annually -

Rs. 54,000

Support Nutritional Feed for 100 Bovines Annually-

Rs. 54,00,000

Water Conservation for The Project
Water conservation for the Vakalwadi Village with rain water harvesting techniques with ground water recharge
The residents of a village called Vakalwadi in tribal Murbad, Maharashtra with a population of 55 households with 320 residents and 220 livestock are experiencing an acute shortage of drinking water and deficiency for agriculture and dairy purposes. A ground water recharge project with run off from roof tops of homes shall be beneficial for harnessing this precious utility.

Donate for Water Harvesting Project

Rs. 11,00,000