Donate Schemes

Towards sustainability and rural livelihoods
Support Infrastructure of Cowshed with Fodder Storage for 100 cows at Vakalwadi, Murbad
Vakalwadi village houses around 320 residents and 220 livestock, mostly bovines comprising of dairy based livelihoods. Infrastructure for housing 100 bovines shall significantly improve the care conditions for improved dairy output.
Support Infrastructure:
Foundation Preparation, Shed structure, Fodder storage and Feeders with water storage tanks are required to be constructed in the village to house 100 bovines. A shed of 75 ft X 35 ft is being constructed.

Fabrication cost


Foundation for Structure

Rs. 1,25,000

Flooring, Feeders and Water tank for Bovines

Rs. 80,000

Pump for drawing water for Bovine Shelter

Rs. 20,000

How Nutritional Feed helps in increasing overall health and milk yield in Cows
Dairy farming is a type of agri-business involved in the production of milk from domestic animals, but it alone does not prove to be financially rewarding. The main reason is the feed cost which burns a big hole in the pocket. A balanced ration is a prerequisite for successful dairy farming. A cow’s ration should include good quality forages, a balance of grains and proteins, vitamins and minerals. An animal will become a medium milk producer if the feed is not balanced correctly and gradually deteriorate to obsolescence. A balanced ration increases milk production as well as lowers the cost of milk production.
We shall provide the cattle(100 milch cows belonging to many tribal families, dependent upon them for livelihoods) with high quality chelated minerals, mineral mix, green fodder bundles and water. It will help to improve calf health, fulfil deficiencies, enhance their immune system, maintain their health, improve digestion & absorption and maintain fertility.
The below Nutritional Feed consists of Feed, Green fodder and Mineral mixture
Support Nutritional Feed for 1 Bovine Monthly– Rs. 2,500
Support Nutritional Feed for 1 Bovine Annually– Rs. 30,000
Support Nutritional Feed for 100 Bovines Monthly– Rs. 2,50,000
Support Nutritional Feed for 100 Bovines Annually– Rs. 30,00,000

Support Consolidated Fodder for 1 month(1 bovine) -

Rs. 2500

Support Consolidated Fodder for 1 bovine(Annually)

Rs. 30000

Support Consolidated Fodder Monthly Basis (100 bovine)

Rs. 250000

Support Consolidated Fodder for 100 bovines (Annually)

Rs. 3000000

Water Conservation for The Project
Water conservation for the Vakalwadi Village with rain water harvesting techniques with ground water recharge
The residents of a village called Vakalwadi in tribal Murbad, Maharashtra with a population of 55 households with 320 residents and 220 livestock are experiencing an acute shortage of drinking water and deficiency for agriculture and dairy purposes. A ground water recharge project with run off from roof tops of homes shall be beneficial for harnessing this precious utility.

Donate for Water Harvesting Project

Rs. 11,00,000