School of Sustenance

An educated person with skill can never be at a disadvantage.

School of Sustenance is one of the six initiatives of the Bhavyata Foundation to promote and propagate the principles of wellness, sustainability and empowering livelihoods amongst youth, economically unprivileged communities and women self help groups.

Support Quality Education and Harnessing Skill Potential.



Krida Yog is a program designed for tackling the causes and consequences of sedentary learning, weak emotional resilience, physical incapacities and health challenges in children from 6-15 years. Krida Yog is a well researched and planned program that combines the art of wellness, joy of recreation and the potential of learning.

Bhavyata Foundation collaborates with Green Schools Programme, an initiative of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) to promote environmental education in an experiential format in Mumbai. It is also an environment management system that audits, through students, the consumption of natural resources within school campuses and helps schools become good environmental managers by deploying pragmatic solutions to reduce wastage of precious resources.