Plant A Caretaker

Ecology becomes empowering when the preservation of nature coupled with the prosperity of communities. Here, in this campaign, we facilitate the procurement of commercially viable plantations for communities, which shall also play the role of caretakers of nature. These saplings range from commercially viable alternatives like fruit trees, bamboo, those pertaining to edible spices and of nutritional significance.

Your donations save you money on taxes because all donations to Bhavyata Foundation are eligible for tax-deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Donate for Saplings

Communities depend upon forest for life and livelihoods. With around 30 trees(fruit/moringa) allotted per family, it shall be just enough for them to lead a dignified life without having to despair about income generation.  In 4 years’ time, these trees will be starting to yield. The increased forest cover reduces ecological footprint while also enhancing soil quality.


Partnering Communities with Ecology

Ecology becomes empowering, when preservation of nature couples with prosperity of communities. Here, in this campaign, we facilitate procurement of commercially viable plantations for communities, who shall also play the role caretakers of nature.

Bhavyata Foundation had conducted a tree plantation campaign on 30th July 2018 by planting 500 saplings in 3 Government-run Panchayat schools of Adhale, Dune & Awale villages of Pune District in Maharashtra. Bhavyata Foundation conducted a tree plantation campaign by planting trees in 3 Government-run panchayat schools of Adhale, Dune & Awale villages of Pune District in Maharashtra. Children happily took each sapling of Jai (a flowering shrub), Kena (aesthetic and flowering shrub), Neem (medicinal tree) and Kadamb(shade tree) in their hands. They proceeded to spaces which were designated by an experienced horticulturist and landscapist. More than 200 children took part in this tree plantation campaign. School teachers, Principals and Sarpanch of the respective school were present to encourage the students and show an example of leading from the front. Another tree plantation campaign was carried out on 10th August 2019 at Ambiste Village of Wada. Around 12 nature lovers participated in this campaign, and all together we were able to plant more than 150 saplings, contributing towards ecological preservation.
Bhavyata Foundation collaborated with Keshav Shrusti Gram Vikas Yojana to plant trees in Wada block of Palghar district. This project is a massive effort in community building, presenting a new paradigm of participatory governance and empowering lay individuals to shape the course of the world. This region is home to many scheduled tribes with a community of 180 villagers consisting of 32 families. The forest cover and its various resources are the only means of livelihood for the community. Without a steady source of income, these people will face unprecedented deprivation and scarcity. With 1050 saplings, it shall be enough for them to live a dignified life without having to despair about their income generation. Our Foundation facilitated natural manures for the healthy growth of saplings. The program coordinators undertook constant periodic supervision and monitoring in tandem with the community organizers and shall continue ahead. The program was conducted on 19th July 2020.


  • Farmers OF Nihali Village and Ambiste village benefitted from this campaign.
  • Two hundred children of Government-Run School of Adhale Village.

Our Intervention:

  1. Identifying Stakeholders- The primary stimuli is to identify Stakeholders in terms of understanding the local situation. This will ensure that stakeholders are educated about the benefits of the trees and then are trained accordingly to map and assess their trees.
  2. Identifying Locations- The plantations follow the science of identifying the tree species in their respective agro-climatic zones. The caretakers, who shall benefit from the commercial viability of the product from fully grown trees, are motivated in the mutual interest of nature and economy.
  3. Procurement of Local Resources- Local Nurseries are identified for tree plantation initiative.
  4. Involvement of Volunteers and Coordination of Local people along with Local nurseries- Bhavyata Foundation involves Volunteers who are willing to devote their time in helping with the campaign.
  5. Monitoring for proper survival-Along with plantation, it is significant to ensure that a tree survives the first growing season. With the help of volunteers, we take adequate care assistance for new trees.

The annual income that could be generated with 1050 trees will be Rs. 8, 40,000 – Rs. 10, 00,000. Besides the economic benefit, mango trees stand to fix tonnes of carbon dioxide in the air. One native tree will fix around 0.2 tonnes of CO2 and India’s average per person carbon footprint is 2 tonnes annually. One thousand fifty trees will contribute to settle about 210 tonnes of CO2.

Adhale Village, Pune Jaai, Kena, Neem, Kadamb 500
Ambiste Village, Palghar Neem, Karanj 150
Nihali Village. Palghar Kesar Mango Trees 1050