Protect the earth for now and next generations

Seed Ball Campaigns aims to reforest earth with communities; with an aim to sensitise towards environmental activism.
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We have only ONE Earth to Live; So Lets Care

At a time of rampant habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change, our ecosystems are under threat like never before. Incredibly, throwing a simple ball of clay, soil, and seeds can fertilise areas we never thought possible, helping bring back at least some of what has been lost.We aim to fertilise the earth with 75000 Seed Balls till 15th August, 2022. So, the waits’s over. Join our Campaign!
Seed Ball Counts Till Date ( 2100 Of 75000 )

On the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day; We intend to seed 75000 Seed Balls this monsoon and see our joint efforts count. Greening the earth with 75000 trees would mean sequestering 4,50,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. Lets make this Occasion very special and happening! Join us to reach our collective goal!

Seed Ball Campaign Progress Bar

Seed Ball Campaign Progress Bar
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Seed Balls can change Face of Earth

Make Seed Balls
Join us in making Seed balls and make your efforts count
Collect Seeds
Collect indigenous seeds and make them into seed balls
Donate Seed Balls
Every full grown tree sequesters 6 tonnes of CO2 annually.
Seed Ball Throw
Block you date this monsoon for Your Mother Earth.

This Earth needs You!

Trees Annually
8 billion trees to be planted annually, provided rate of current deforestation of 15 billion trees is halted.
Recycling Plastic
400 million tonnes of plastic would end to be recycled.
Water Conservation
Half of the world’s population could be living in areas facing water scarcity by as early as 2025.

Ecological Activism in Many Possible Ways

You can either volunteer to make seed balls, collect local seeds or help us donate seed balls to reach 75000 seed balls till the 15th August on Occasion of India’s 75th year of Independence.



Volunteer for On Field Activity, Content for Teach In & Spread Awareness


Donate for Seed Balls and Help Our Rural Folk to Green Their Space


Pledge for Making Seed Balls, Collect Seeds for Collaborate for Impact


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