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The debasing of planet’s resources have reached alarming levels.
Help offset the impact by greening the earth again!

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School Of Sustenance

School of Sustenance is one of the six initiatives of the Bhavyata Foundation to promote and propagate the principles of wellness, sustainability and empowering livelihoods.

Green School Program

Green School Program

School that goes green gives hope that future of humanity is in safe hands. Audit based program of natural resources for green certification and hands-on training for school students.
Celebrating Culture

Celebrating Culture

Climate, Community and Culture in co-operation and cohesion aiming to practice conscious consumption, especially in festivities to keep the planet healthy and safe.
Plant A Caretaker

Plant A Caretaker

Ecology becomes empowering when preservation of nature coupled with the prosperity of communities. We facilitate procurement of commercially viable plantations for organizations.
We Are Actively Involved In

Promoting 12 Communities and 320 members by promoting Green Livelihoods

Green Alternatives
Junking unsustainable consumer goods for nature friendly choices
Green Schools
Green School Audit training to to introduce best environmental practises in schools
Green Livelihoods
Enabling income source from commercially viable plantations for communities
Eco Friendly Celebrations
Reviving the ancient mood of festivals with authentic and sustainable ingredients
Skill Development
Training to skill underprivileged population for financial sustenance
Synergising youth movements for climate causes
Projects And Campaigns

Your Contribution Counts

Your donations save you money on taxes because all donations to Bhavyata Foundation are eligible for tax-deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Plant a Caretaker: Empowering Caretakers of Earth

Adopting 30 trees shall mean you will provide a livelihood to an entire family for the rest of their lives and also will contribute to fixing of 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the air.

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