Subscriptions with Bhavyata Foundation are a unique way of committing consistently to a chosen cause. There is sustained success in supporting a cause when there is a continuous exchange of goods and services. With over 1000 registered artisan clusters, numbering more than 35000 artisans in India, it makes it the 2nd largest generator of livelihoods. 

Apart from artisan clusters, India’s SHG(Self Help Group) movement has evolved from small savings and credit groups that sought to empower poor rural women into one of the world’s largest institutional platforms of the poor. Today, 67 million Indian women are members of 6 million SHGs. We intend to make our subscriptions offer available for consistent support to generate livelihoods for society’s underprivileged sections to support these self-help groups.

About Recreation Kit

The history of toys in India can be traced back to the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilisations. Each country’s region has its genre of toys made from materials ranging from marsh reed pith to unbaked clay, wood, and leather. However, India’s share of the global toy market, estimated at $90 billion, is only 0.5 per cent ($500 million). Furthermore, 80 per cent of the toys sold in India are imported from China.
Toys, through innovation, create synthesises of traditional Indian designs and a focus on learning. Toys are essential for teaching us empathy, creative thinking, and hand-eye coordination.
With parents becoming more eco-conscious in their child-rearing choices and the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign gaining traction in India, it is time to work to revive and embrace the craftsmanship of our country’s indigenous and heritage toys. Across 20 Indian states, there are more than 30 diverse and one-of-a-kind toy-making crafts. We are committed to the revival of toy craft to instil recreation and learn in children while also supporting artisan communities through our initiative, Bridge for Artisans.

About Lifestyle Kit

India’s weaving traditions & styles are rich & diverse, but in many parts of the country, they are on the decline & weavers struggle to compete with power loom products. Collaborations from supporters and consumers alike, a scaled production plan to ensure uninterrupted livelihoods with fair trade practises ensuring the continuity of their livelihoods.

Like, handloom weavers, artisans crafting hand made artefacts and utilities are also severely challenged. Bell metal artisans are on the decline as its rich tradition and value is being replaced by other alternatives like steel, plastic, ceramic, etc. Due to its extraordinary health properties, ayurvedic physicians recommend Kansa for holistic healing, stress-relieving & purifying properties. Its high recyclable value makes it an excellent utility choice. In a bid to revive this dying craft, we encourage sustained and committed consumption for enhanced livelihoods.

About Celebrating Kit

India is a land of fairs and festivals. More festivals are celebrated in India than anywhere else globally, almost every day of the year. Each festival celebrates a different occasion; some celebrate the seasons, the harvest, the rains, or the arrangements of constellations. Others mark religious anniversaries, divine beings and saints’ appearance, or the New Year’s arrival. India’s colourful traditions provide the ideal setting for exchanging gifts. Join our subscription plan for a gift guide for every festival. You can also make the day more special by giving yourself, or a loved one, one of our celebrating culture kits.

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