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India is a land of fairs and festivals. More festivals are celebrated in India than anywhere else globally. At the same time, some festivals celebrate the seasons, the harvest, or the arrangements of constellations. Others mark religious anniversaries, divine beings and saints’ appearance, or the New Year’s arrival. These traditions provide the ideal setting for exchanging gifts. Join our subscription plan for a gift guide for every festival. You can also make the day more special by our celebrating culture kits.


In India, a diverse range of festivals is observed according to different traditions. Diwali is a festival of lights, and Holi, the festival of colour, brings caste and creed together. An unspoken vow is shared on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, and what better way to celebrate than our Celebrating Culture Kit. It has three categories. The Standard Category contains all of the necessary products, including herbal colours for Holi, handcrafted diyas for Diwali, and handmade bamboo rakhis for Raksha Bandhan.


Religious and seasonal festivals are the two types of Indian festivals. Participating in these vibrant celebrations will allow you to taste India’s traditional core. And our Celebrating culture pack only adds up to the celebration. Holi colours, Bamboo rakhis, Handmade diyas for religious festivals, and lambani potli bags for seasonal festivals are all wrapped in the Luxury category.


Giving and receiving gifts is an important aspect of every celebration. You could get to see a range of products while out shopping. But to get a gift in a short time is not easy. In such a scenario, our celebrating culture kit is the ideal solution. Holi colours, handcrafted diyas, bamboo rakhis, lambani bags, and bamboo lanterns are all included in our Premium pack. This kit helps a lot of artisans. So celebrate while giving others a smile.


Due to a rise in demand for machine-made goods, Indian artisans find it difficult to sell their goods. We have worked with artisans from all over rural India to protect, encourage, and sustain their work. Crafted by Artisans from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, these games find a curious audience in adolescents and teens across India. We also worked with artisans from the states of Odisha and Madhya Pradesh, and the project benefited more than 40 Bell metal artisans. Weaver communities, individual weavers and embroidery artisans are our other beneficiaries. We also support Lambani weavers from Karnataka, Kala cotton weavers from Bhuj, Kachchh and Bamboo artisans from Melghat.
Another way we promote Indian artisans and their handicrafts are through our Subscription Kits. By subscribing to our Kits, you will be helping us in helping them.


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