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India’s weaving traditions & styles are rich & diverse, but in many parts of the country, they are on the decline & weavers struggle to compete. But with the collaboration of supporters and consumers, we can promise a scaled production and uninterrupted livelihood.

Like, handloom weavers, hand made artefacts and utilities are also severely challenged. The rich tradition of bell metal is being overshadowed by plastic, steel and such. Due to its extraordinary health properties, ayurvedic physicians recommend Kansa for holistic healing, stress-relieving & purifying properties. In a bid to revive this dying craft, we encourage sustained and committed consumption for enhanced livelihoods.


Fast Fashion and an unhealthy lifestyle have become a way of life in today’s fast-paced multicultural world, and producers continually innovate new products to meet the demand. However, in our never-ending quest to create something new every time, we overlook products that already exist and have various benefits. However, Bhavyata Foundation intends to raise public awareness of our lost art and craft, which led to the development of our Fashion and Lifestyle Kit. The Standard category consists of Beautiful Lambani Tote Bags and a Kansa Wand, which benefits both the tribal women who design these lovely bags and your health.


India is a nation with a long history of textile design and the burgeoning fashion industry. But Fast Fashion has taken over the industry, leaving behind our traditional art and craft, which is elegant from the core to the crust. We have brought this unique and rewarding bundle of fashion accessories that will make your day. The Luxury category includes the Handloom Natural Dyed Jacket, Kansa Wand, Kansa Soup Bowl, and the Lambani Tote and Sling Bag, the best example of Indian art on a western product.


Metal crafts in India are widespread, with artisans specialising in the art of their respective regions. They use local skills to shape local materials by hand and simple tools to create a range of useful and decorative items. Different types of metal crafts, such as Kansa and copper craft, are uncommon now. These metal are elegant looking with innumerable benefits. Drinking water stored in a Copper Jug has numerous health benefits and eating food in Kansaware purifies the food, while it balances all three doshas in our body. The Premium category consists of Kansa Wand, Lambani Sling and Tote Bag, Kansa Soup Bowls and a Copper Jug..


Due to a rise in demand for machine-made goods, Indian artisans find it difficult to sell their goods. We have worked with artisans from all over rural India to protect, encourage, and sustain their work. Crafted by Artisans from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, these games find a curious audience in adolescents and teens across India. We also worked with artisans from the states of Odisha and Madhya Pradesh, and the project benefited more than 40 Bell metal artisans. Weaver communities, individual weavers and embroidery artisans are our other beneficiaries. We also support Lambani weavers from Karnataka, Kala cotton weavers from Bhuj, Kachchh and Bamboo artisans from Melghat.
Another way we promote Indian artisans and their handicrafts are through our Subscription Kits. By subscribing to our Kits, you will be helping us in helping them.


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