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Toys are vital for learning, teaching empathy, hand-eye coordination and creative thinking.

With parents becoming more eco-conscious in their child-rearing choices and the rise of the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, it is time to work to revive and embrace our country’s craftsmanship. Across 20 Indian states, there are more than 30 diverse and one-of-a-kind toy-making crafts. We are committed to the revival of toy craft while supporting artisan communities through our initiative, Bridge For Artisans.


Play is a vital part of a child’s growth, according to research. Particularly in childhood, a child starts to discover who they are through playing with toys. Ensuring the child has ample playtime is a huge help to families because it allows their children to release extra energy. If you want to make sure that your child reaches his or her full potential, our Recreation kits are the best option. We have three categories. The Standard Kit is the most general one. This Kit includes a puzzle game, a bamboo toy, and a traditional board game that encapsulates our Indian culture. Our kits include toys that are not only suitable for children but also suitable for adults.


With artisan’s creativity, we’ve created many educational toys based on research. Educational toys can aid in developing problem-solving skills and instil in children the value of sharing, aids in developing fine and gross motor skills. Also, it is the source of creativity and imagination. And our recreation kits are all about educational toys. The Luxury category includes a puzzle game, chess, a traditional board game, and bamboo toys are included in this Kit. This Kit will assist your child in developing mental strength and support livelihoods for the bamboo artisans.


An appropriate toy at an appropriate age is a must. Sensory play helps activate your child’s senses at an early age. Families should begin adding toys that facilitate further interaction, such as a push car, as their child grows. We recommend adding problem-solving toys like puzzles as your child becomes more involved. Our Recreation Kit contains several toys with such features. The Premium category of the recreation kit is the best of all. There’s a puzzle in there, as well as some bamboo toys and some traditional board games. This Kit is the perfect option for development from infancy until someone chooses not to play.


Due to a rise in demand for machine-made goods, Indian artisans find it difficult to sell their goods. We have worked with artisans from all over rural India to protect, encourage, and sustain their work. Crafted by Artisans from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, these games find a curious audience in adolescents and teens across India. We also worked with artisans from the states of Odisha and Madhya Pradesh, and the project benefited more than 40 Bell metal artisans. Weaver communities, individual weavers and embroidery artisans are our other beneficiaries. We also support Lambani weavers from Karnataka, Kala cotton weavers from Bhuj, Kachchh and Bamboo artisans from Melghat.
Another way we promote Indian artisans and their handicrafts are through our Subscription Kits. By subscribing to our Kits, you will be helping us in helping them.


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