Sutr Santati

To celebrate 75 years of Indian Independence, the Abheraj Baldota foundation and Gaurang Shah would like to salute India through ‘Sutr Santati,’ a textile exhibition representing the 75 traditional Indian textiles designed to foster Indian pride using traditional techniques using indigenous natural yarns. This exhibition will bring to the forefront all the craftspeople from various clusters pan India involved in creating every piece.

The exhibition celebrating the 75th year of Independence will open on 18th Aug 2022 when we want to invite the world to celebrate the beautiful craftsmanship of India, the diverse interpretation of art forms in the country and honor those who are playing a significant role in keeping these traditions alive. This exhibition will travel to various Indian and international Museums.

On the occasion of the 75th Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, Bhavyata Foundation, in association with Lemark Institute of Art, Mumbai, is lending a helping hand in Sutr Santati. We initiate a conversation between artists, art forms and contemporary society while bringing them closer to the idea of a Greatness of a Cultural Nation like India. Master craft creations from varied art forms across the nation shall depict the glory of India’s contributions to society and the world.

Sutr Santati


Art Forms

Key Features

Design Intervention
With a team of budding innovative designers, we give a contemporary outlook to traditional art.
Market Exposure
To help rural artisans market to appeal to the tastes of society; is where we step in to help.
Skill Enhancement
We educate artisans with new and efficient techniques to help them meet market demands.
Honor Heritage
On the occasion of the 75th Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, we intend to celebrate exquisite Indian textile arts.
Key Features


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