Thread the Needle Day – Honoring the Embroidery tradition

Thread the Needle Day – Honoring the Embroidery tradition

July 24, 2020

Has there ever been a time in your life when choices were easy to make. And paths in life were comfortable to tread? Was there smooth sailing in relationships with friends, loved ones or even in professional circles? If we listen to what the dictionary says, Thread the Needle means, ‘To find harmony or strike a balance between conflicting forces, interests, etc. Normally used to indicate the difficulty of doing so; also, sarcastically, for a failed attempt’. Thread the Needle Day originated from the idea of endeavouring to explore one’s route through a limited gap. Narrowed choices and confusing alternatives, for example, that on the top of a needle.

For many, there may have no phase in life, which represents a chessboard with black and white squares. Life is always grey in shades. Everyone faced dilemmas, where sound and timely decisions had to be taken.

A precious lesson can come to rescue in these times of duality, from none other than the humble thread and needle. No one even considers heeding to such an inspiration. While threading a needle, one ought to pass it through very close extremities without getting blocked.

The Needles, Threads And Life Lessons

The little needle offers many a reason for living life of decisive, incisive discrimination for an excellent outcome.

Firstly, life needs to be like a thread, which needs adaptation to the changing circumstances. The thread needs orientation in a position to pass through the eye without hindrance. Our conscience is the moral compass, and life’s temptations are like the eye of the needle. I remember an anecdote from the experience of the son of Louis XVI. The King was overthrown in a military coup. The son was abducted and emotionally tormented by confining to debasing surroundings of distrust, foul language and lewd distractions. Post-six months of torture, his adversaries expected him to give up the claim to the throne. They were aghast when they got a firm and confident reply from the boy, “I am prince, born to be a king, no matter whatsoever.”

Secondly, many a time, decisions have to be made, keeping in the larger picture and overall welfare. Threading through the eye of the needle requires that utmost concentration without delving into the result of the effort. Actions in life taken with full awareness of the present without consideration of outcomes. Or worries of the past are deemed to give focus and self-confidence.

Lastly, what counts in life and threading a needle is steadiness. Whether it’s in hand or in mind, it’s the balance that counts. When you ride a bicycle, how do you steady it? Simple, keep cycling. If you stop, you lose balance and have to alight. In the era of 5000 years ago, this dilemma caught up with a talented and courageous warrior in a decisive battle. He lost his balance of mind, and his bow eventually slipped from his hands. Arjun got enlightened by his Divine Companion and Guide, Sri Krishna.

The Literal Meaning

If we go by the literal meaning, Thread the Needle means using the thread to sew, stitch or create beautiful patterns on cloth with designs. Sewing has been one of the oldest traditions of India. As the clothing evolved in India, the use of sewing grew in various ways. Thread and Needles have been the most important and most essential tool for people involved in the industry. Embroidery is a rich legacy, and heritage offered to Indian culture.

The artisans embed lively expression through exquisite patterns and motifs on the fabric that often whisper tales of love and affection. This day belongs to our innumerable artisans, who with their imaginative minds, steady hands, deft skills and patient applications, bring out aesthetic wonders of creativity. Celebrating this day would mean to honour the traditions, culture and resilience of generations of artisan guilds who have kept the art alive in their hearts and expressed with their skilled hands.

Coming Together For Artisans

Considering the various interpretations of the phrase, Thread the Needle Day, the day is celebrated all across the world in multiple ways. Some take up sewing lessons while others resort to meditation and practise of yog postures. Many people take their sewing machines out and make something using it for their loved ones. But the ideal approach to celebrate Thread the Needle Day is by taking a gander at your life and checking whether you’re managing a circumstance. It occurs excessively frequently that we need to manage them, and much more regularly than the primary way out is to pick one side or the other. Thread The Needle Day helps you to remember the third, increasingly fragile way.

To celebrate the occasion, Bhavyata Foundation in association with Le’Mark School of Art brings you an online workshop on Embroidery Traditions on July 25.

Let’s join in and learn more about our ancient wisdom and tradition to celebrate Thread the Needle Day!

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